G1 Gorillas

The first wave of Gorillas established a number of strongholds throughout the internet jungle!

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G2 Gorillas

The second wave of troops are here to expand the forestation around us and keep all threats at bay!

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Gorilla Punks

The third wave of troops got a little lost they have been inscribing themselves to Bitcoin Ordinals!

  • Digital Events

    Holding gorillas gives VIP access pass to our digital conventions, allowing for exclusive access to speaker rooms, art auctions, treasure hunts & AMAs.

  • Community Networking

    The most important part of any great NFT project is a strong crew of people with aligned goals in building a famous brand in the world of web3.

  • General Benefits

    Being a member of the club gives access to a range of benefits for those building connections such as the token gated networking lounges.